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Speeding Tickets may seem to be minor and insignificant, but they are anything but that. They can haunt you for a long time, make your insurance costs go up, and result in a revocation of your driver's license.

First of all, slow down! Speeding is dangerous and if you cause an accident because you were speeding the results could be severe — especially if you injure someone.

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The best way to minimize your chance of receiving a ticket is to obey all Nevada traffic laws. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

If you are cited for a speeding ticket in Nevada, call us. Sprenz Law will go to court for you to make sure you are properly represented.

In most cases we will be able to negotiate (1) a reduced fine; (2) a reduced violation; and if necessary (3) set up a payment plan with the State. Typically, the biggest benefit to you is that no points will be added to your record (in most cases, but not guaranteed) so you will not be facing a huge increase in your insurance premiums. This results in huge savings down the road.

Of course every circumstance is different, but the majority of our clients get no points, no traffic school, and no conviction. Stop worrying about the past, and start focusing on your future. Call Sprenz Law today for a free consultation.

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