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If you are facing DUI charges as a second or multiple offender, it is even more vital to protect your rights. With help from an experienced DUI lawyer, you can not only protect your rights, but work toward the best possible outcome to your situation.

At Sprenz Law, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, we represent clients for a wide range of legal concerns, including repeat and felony DUI charges. We strive to provide results-driven but compassionate representation to our clients, focusing on solutions that suit their individual needs. Attorney Kevin A. Sprenz will take the time to understand your particular situation, address your questions and concerns, and explain the legal process. He will provide you with an honest assessment of your case, options and the legal implications of your charges.

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Second DUI in Nevada

After an initial DUI offense, there is a seven-year window for repeat offenses. The first offense doubles the penalties, and a third offense within seven years is considered a felony.

With over a decade of experience, Las Vegas DUI defense attorney Kevin Sprenz and the attorneys at Sprenz Law are prepared to handle even the most complex DUI offenses. We will advocate vigorously on your behalf from day one, examining police reports, evidence and test results for flaws in testing or procedure. Our goal is to help you obtain the best possible results to your charges.

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